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A Travel Podcast? Right now?

It seems crazy, but yes, we have created a travel podcast in the middle of a global lockdown. Brendan and I are avid travelers, and between the two of us we have been to some pretty exciting destinations. Our favorite region to explore is Latin America (Central & South), not only is it easy to get to from Miami, but it is full of excitement, history, delicious food, and cheap beer. Anytime we've ever traveled we have done extensive research to understand the top sites to see, things to eat, best beaches, parks, bars, neighborhoods, on and on. No matter how hard you look it's a challenge to achieve that ultimate experience. That is unless you have a local guide. What's better than seeing a city with someone that truly understands the destination? Nothing!

That was the inspiration for the format of this show. The other inspiration is the current situation. We can't travel, but we have friends that live all of over the world and they've all got stories to tell. In many ways this podcast is a social experiment, how far across the earth can we get with just the contacts in our phones and a Zoom account (paid for by our employer the University of Miami). Also, this podcast represents a little bit of an escape from the coronavirus crisis that has impacted so many lives. For me personally I was really starting to lose grip on my identity. Once the social outlets evaporated and my travel plans were cancelled I felt very alone and very sad. Lucky for me, Brendan and my girlfriend Iliana have been extremely supportive about embarking on this new concept. A travel podcast, with local perspectives, to help us explore the world from the safety of your home. We hope you like this show as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Once this is all over we also hope these episodes will help you pick your next travel destination. Our goal is simple, no matter where you go, you'll always feel like a local.

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